so I had my 21st birthday like 2 days ago. apparently I am now legal for everything constitutionally, even though that’s what I thought happened when I hit 18. since that is the case, I guess I accept my new-found freedom. but on a more serious note, the reality of aging has just hit home, and I appreciate, now more than ever before, that my vision 2011 days at grace Christian private school are long past me. being 21 might mean mature, but for me, it is my opportunity to reach new frontiers.

the morning of the 4th of august 2015 was unlike any other. with no alarm set my parents surprisingly called at 06:30am, and thanks to their well wishes I woke up just in time to prepare for the 07:30 bus to campus. but just before I got out of bed I decided to take a few moments to thank God for the life I have. I remembered for those fifteen minutes how my journey up to that point had not been so easy. having been brought up in Christian environment I had found my self at some stage as a mess of a child, who thought the idea of fun was reckless worldly behaviour and indulgence in the desires of the flesh. I actually thought that being Christian was more about me having the leisure to fool around and be graciously covered from the consequence, than it is about me seeing to it that I do not dishonour this calling in Christ Jesus. however God pulled through for me, and I have since learnt that only he has the power to change a man. as I lay there I also remembered how rough the last couple of months have been for me and a lot of people around me…and as I was about to cry I felt a certain strength in me reminding me that I have everything pertaining life and Godliness, and not to despair.

so I got out of bed with a thankful heart, praising God because I am not alone. plenty other calls kept pouring in…carrying messages of love and happy birthday wishes. some calls I didn’t even expect to be honest, but they all kept coming in with a lot of goodwill. and it didn’t end there, my family and some special friends had arranged for me to get a proper dinner out, with my favourite cakes of course for desert, and I must say woolies cakes are amazing. I had a great time.

but what stood out for me was what everybody had to say when they had their turn at a birthday speech. all I heard was keep doing good, stay strong, and know that you are not alone. and every time this was said I felt the same power that I had felt earlier that morning giving me the power to go on coming alive in me, and I knew that this is the heart of God; that we admonish and encourage one another daily(1 Thessalonians 5:11-14) , because Jesus is love. I guess the fact of the matter is that we have each other, and together we are unstoppable (Genesis 11:6). if we as children of God were to rise up and start spreading the message of hope and love(God), encouraging the world to keep their heads up because Jesus is alive and he sticks closer than any friend, the joy of the Lord would be everybody’s strength…and the world would not need as much antidepressants. so learn to love, lend a hand, and let hope lead.


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